Possession Notices

To create a new section 21 or section 8 notice, first login to the Builder part of the website, choose "other forms" from the sidebar and click on "add new form" at the top right of the other forms list. Then, with possession notices selected, click continue.

This will take you to the possession wizard which is also available on the main website here.

Once you've gone through the wizard, click the link to be directed to create the relevant notice.

To create a section 21 or 8 notice, fill in all the fields shown after selecting the country. You can insert from a profile or from a tenancy agreement previously created, but this is optional.

For the date of expiry, ensure the date is correct. For the current lengths of notice required, please see the Coronavirus Hub.

When you click the create button at the bottom, you will be returned to the forms list and once the notice has been created, the progress will change to a green success. Just like with the tenancy builder, clicking the green button will download the notice.

As you download, a further page will open in a new tab with instructions on serving the notice.

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