Blank Agreement

If you're using the previous version of Tenancy Builder, please see this page for guidance on blank agreement in that Builder.

If you want to download a blank agreement to hand fill in the details later, this is possible with Tenancy Builder 3.

Go to the Builder:

Click on tenancies in the sidebar and then ”add new” from the top right to create a new agreement in the normal way.

Almost every field in the Builder can be left blank. However, there is some minimum information we need to know so as to produce the correct agreement with the correct number of boxes to fill in and sign.

Page 1 - Tenancy Details

On page 1, you must complete the mandatory fields namely:

  • Email to send download link

  • Country

  • Tenancy Type

  • Deposit status

We need this information as a minimum to determine the type of tenancy you need and what documents to attach by default (e.g. England how to rent guide).

Everything else can be left blank or as default.

Page 2 - Tenant Details

In order to know how many tenants you have and to insert the correct number of blank spaces, you need to click ”add” until the correct number of tenants are listed (for example, if there are four tenants, you will need to click ”add” 3 times).

The actual fields can be left blank.

Page 6 - Other and Signers

You must select wheter the person(s) signing are an individual or a company and you must select the number of signers.

By selecting the number of signers, even if the name(s) are left blank, we will add that number of signature boxes for the landlord to sign.

Select ”save and build agreement” then click submit.

Wait for the agreement to be built and when you see the green ”completed” notice in the tenancies list, you can download the agreement by clicking the green notice or selecting ”download last built” from the actions button.

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