Introduction - Tenancy Builder 3

Tenancy Builder 3 is a sophisticated system for "building" a tenancy agreement based upon your individual choices.

Access Tenancy Builder 3 here:

The agreements which can be created and downloaded are:

  • Assured shorthold tenancy

  • Contractual tenancy

  • Lodger agreement

  • Assured tenancy (rarely used)

  • Garage agreement

  • Non-domestic room

Digital signing is deeply integrated into the Tenancy Builder system.

View an introductory video on YouTube.

Typical Clauses Included

Each agreement varies but many common core clauses are included and there is an option for additional terms to be added.

Typical clauses within the residential agreements include:

  • pay rent on time and in advance

  • not damage the property

  • no smoking

  • one months notice (for tenant) when periodic

  • possession by landlord

  • no sub-letting etc.

  • no pets (without consent)

  • white goods not undertaken to be repaired

  • tenant must notify about repairs

  • shared areas (HMO room)

  • plus many more ...

Documents Included

We automatically include the following documents which is determined by selections made within the Builder (e.g. country, tenancy type, deposit scheme etc.)

  • How to Rent guide for England and equivalent guide for Wales

  • Tenancy deposit prescribed information

  • EPC (if uploaded)

  • Gas safety record (if uploaded)

  • Electrical safety report (if uploaded)

  • Legionella information for tenants

When signing, the tenants don't just sign to agree the terms of the agreement but also that they've received the EPC, gas and electrical (where uploaded).

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