Wrong Email Address in Digital Signing. How Do I Resend?
If you've entered the wrong email for one of the parties in digital signing, this can be fixed and the document resent with relative ease.

What if digital signing email bounces?

If the digital signing attempts to send to an invalid email, the document will be "bounced" and the digital signing events page will show this.
When a document has bounced this way, the document will also be automatically cancelled.
If you have realised there’s a wrong email address before the system has tried sending to that party, you will need to manually cancel the document yourself.

Cancel the document

Edit the agreement

Once the document has been cancelled, you can edit the agreement in the usual way. See here for more information on editing an agreement.
You must remember to "save and build" to generate a new PDF reflecting the new edits.
Once the PDF has been built, you should download and just double check everything looks okay.

Go to digital signing and resubmit

Last modified 7mo ago