6 - Other Matters and Signers

Additional Terms

If you want to add something additional into the agreement, use this box.

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, any terms of an agreement must be ”fair”.

Please use this box with caution.

If in doubt, please contact us with what you intend to put in this box.

List any permitted occupiers (lodgers)

List all names of permitted occupiers who are NOT TENANTS.

Delete the word "none" before entering.

Enter their full name, one name per line.

This may include children or adults.

Permitted occupiers will not have any rights or obligations under the tenancy.

As a general rule, any person 18 years or older occupying the property as their only or principal home should be named as a tenant and NOT as a permitted occupier.

The exception would be if there is a family occupying with their children. In this case, you would ordinarily only name the parents as tenants and the children (even if 18 years or older) could be named as permitted occupiers if you wish.

How many people signing for or on behalf of landlord(s)?

Select the number of people signing as or on behalf of the landlord.

The Builder can handle a maximum of four signatories.

Where signing on behalf of a company, the following should sign as a minimum:

  • two directors

  • one director and company secretary, or

  • one director and a witness who attests the signature

Please see this article for more information.

Name of signatory

Enter the name of the person(s) signing the agreement. This does not have to be the same as landlord name entered earlier if an agent is signing on behalf of the landlord.

Email of signatory

Enter the email(s) of the signatory. This email will not be displayed anywhere on the agreement. It is purely used for digital signing later. If you don’t intend to use our integrated digital signing, this can be left blank.

If an AGENT is signing on behalf of landlord insert details

Where an agent is signing for a landlord, enter the name and address of the agent. This can be the same or different to the landlord address entered earlier.

The Builder can insert your logo at the top middle of the front page of an agreement.

This feature only works with the assured shorthold, assured and contractual tenancy types.

To add a logo, choose the select file button and add a file from your computer. The file should in jpg, jpeg or png format.

The easiest way to add a logo is to first add it to a new profile. Then when creating a new agreement, select the profile and the logo will be automatically added.

Profiles also have a testing facility where you can test how the logo will look before producing a new agreement.

If there’s some problem with the logo when we try to convert, we will skip the logo and insert our own instead.

If this field is left blank, we insert a default image logo.

If you're using the previous version of Tenancy Builder, you can see this page.

Do you wish to save for later or save and build?

With this final dropdown selection, you can either save all the data for later or build the agreement for download.

Save for later

Save for later will do as it sounds on clicking submit. All the data inserted will be saved, and the agreement will be visible in the list of tenancies.

When ready to continue, simply select ”edit” from the actions button in the list of tenancies and edit the agreement.

Save and build the agreement

Selecting this option will build the agreement upon clicking submit.

After clicking submit, you will be returned to the list of tenancies and ”in progress” will be displayed next to the agreement just created. Once this changes to ” completed”, you will be able to download the agreement and an email will be sent to the notifications email completed earlier to say it’s ready for download.

The agreement ordinarily takes around 30 - 40 seconds to be completed but can take longer. If there is some problem or delay in the building of the agreement, an email will be sent to the notifications email entered earlier.

To download the agreement, you can either click the green ”completed” notice or click the ”download last built” option from the actions button in the tenancies list.

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