Send Inventory for Signature

Send for signature

From the activity list action button, select "digital signing".

Ensure the party names and their emails are entered.

Read the confirmation disclaimer, tick the box and click submit.

100 credits will be used for digital signing (same as with Tenancy Builder).

The inventory will automatically expire after 7 days if not signed by all parties.

On sending, it will go to the inventory clerk first (the person who prepared the inventory as entered on the parties list). Then, it will go to each tenant listed.

The emails can be the same for different parties (e.g. two tenants can use the same email address).

The first listed tenant will have the ability to add comments to each item in the inventory during the signing.


From the activity list, clicking on digital signing in the actions button will show events at the bottom of the page.

Events include when an envelope was opened, signed, completed etc.

Cancel signing

Before the inventory has been signed by all parties, on the digital signing page (just above events), there is a cancel button. When clicked, the signing will be cancelled for all parties.

Download after signing

Once completed by all parties, a download button will appear on the digital signing page, allowing download. Also, from the activities list, clicking download will download the signed version.

The final signed version should be downloaded and stored somewhere safe and backed up. Please don't rely on the system for long term document storage.

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