Landlord Reference from Applicant Data

Warning! If a current landlord is wanting to get rid of a tenant, they will likely give you a good reference just to move them on. Be careful relying on a landlord reference.

After an applicant has completed the form and submitted, if they have selected "renting from a private landlord" on any of the addresses supplied, a button is displayed when viewing the applicant to generate a landlord reference.

To see the buttons, view the applicant and click on the "address history" heading.

Click on the "landlord reference text" button where a popup will be shown.

Click on the "copy content" button and the default text will be copied to your clipboard (you can change this text before or after copying).

Paste the copied text into your favourite email client and enter the landlord email to send.

The important part is the link button which contains a unique URL for the landlord to click. On clicking, the landlord will be presented with a simple form with three questions:

  • Monthly rent amount

  • Has rent been paid on time

  • Has there been any breach of the tenancy (with a box for more info if yes).

The landlord is asked to confirm the forms truth and their name and email.

On submission by the landlord, in the view applicant, the button to copy text is replaced with a new button to download PDF.

On clicking, you can see a basic PDF with the answers to the questions.

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