When Trying to Build, Not Seeing the Save and Build Dropdown

Issue and symptoms:

When you are trying to build a tenancy, you are not seeing the save and build dropdown at the bottom of the last page, or you may see an error (such as 413).

Issue reason:

The reason this was being caused has been fixed. Strangely it only affected customers with "-" in an email address.

You still see this because your browser has saved the old code from our website in its cache and is still loading the old code.

How to fix:

To fix this, try a hard reload of the page in the first instance.

Step 1: Edit the tenancy you are having trouble with. If you see a popup, click dismiss. Step 2: Hard reload that page - Windows press Ctrl+shift+r and Mac Cmd+shift+r Step 3: Click on page 6 and see if you now see the dropdown (if not, try a hard reload of that page).

If that doesn't work, follow these steps to fix it.

Step 1: From the tenancies list, click "add new". If you see a popup, click dismiss. Step 2: Choose options from the first three dropdowns on page 1 (country, tenancy type and deposit). Don't enter anything else anywhere and go to the next step. These dropdowns are mandatory. Step 3: Click number 6 at the top to jump to the last page Step 4: Select save and build from the dropdown and click save and build. (You will see it because everything else was left blank). Step 5: When complete, click the green completed to double-check the PDF opens. If it doesn't, contact us. Step 6: Edit the agreement by adding all details; it will work from now on.

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