Quick Start - Tenancy Builder 3

Quickly create an agreement and download:

  • Login with your normal Guild login at https://docs.landlordsguild.com

  • Click on ”Tenancies” in the sidebar

  • Click ”add new tenancy” in the top right corner

  • If you have created a profile, select the one you want (or press the button if only one). Otherwise, ignore the profile and continue to fill in the fields.

  • For help with any field and what to enter, see the fields section of this help documentation.

  • At the end, select ”save for later” if you wish to return later before producing the PDF or ”save and build” to create the PDF. Click submit.

  • The progress of creating the agreement will be displayed live. It takes about 30 seconds but can be longer. Once completed, click the green “completed” box and the agreement will be shown on screen where you can download.

  • To send for digital signing, click on the actions button to the left of each listed agreement and select "digital signing".

A few things worthy of quick note:

  • You can ”edit” an agreement anytime by selecting ”edit” from the actions button in the list of tenancies.

  • There’s no limit to the number of tenancies you can create and download.

  • You can duplicate a previously saved agreement.

  • In order to use digital signing, you must have built the PDF agreement so it’s ready to download and the agreement must not be marked as a draft.

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