Inventory - Quick Start

The inventory system is designed to be a simple inventory creator for landlords.

To create an inventory, follow these steps. More detail for each step is outlined in this help.

  1. Go to Tenancy Builder part of the website and click inventory in sidebar.

  2. Click add new (top right)

  3. Insert tenancy address, name of preparer and add rooms.

  4. Under each room add items (structure, furnishings and appliances) and photos as wanted.

  5. Close the template

  6. Add a tenancy

  7. Add an activity to the tenancy. Activity can be check-in, interim or check-out. An activity will generate a PDF of the template in its current state (a snapshot of the template at that time).

  8. Optionally send the PDF for digital signing.

Helpful hints: Add rooms in the order you want them to show in the report. There's currently no means of reordering.

Add items in the order you want them to show.

If using mobile data, it's recommended to add photos when on Wi-Fi as large amounts of data could be used.

A tenancy added to a template is simply a folder to store activity.

When adding an activity to a tenancy, that generates a PDF as a snapshot of the template at that time. If you return to the template and edit (for example some item has deteriated), when creating a new activity, the PDF report will reflect the newly edited state of the template.

Two activity reports can be compared to show differences.

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